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2009-01-30 Compliance Week
SEC Unveils XBRL Rollout   (65KB)
The SEC unveiled its timetable requiring all issuers (foreign and domestic) to file using XBRL, regardless of whether the company files under U.S. GAAP or IFRS...
2009-01-07 Financial Week
Short-Selling Bans Deemed Ineffective   (57KB)
Analysis of equity markets in 17 countries that enacted short-selling bans concludes these bans had no effect in maintaining share price, but did contribute to higher bid-ask spreads...
2009-01-07 New York Times
Analyst Presentations Amidst Heightened Uncertainty   (60KB)
The New York Times looks to G.E. for useful examples of how investor updates can be revamped to speak effectively to investors during tumultuous times...
2009-01-01 CFO.com
Uncertain Status of Accounting and Regulatory Changes   (64KB)
Changes that seemed certain months ago were put on the back burner as rule makers focused on the unfolding financial crisis. CFO.com provides an update on their likely implementation...
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