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2008-12-08 Wall Street Journal
North Dakota Becomes Corporate Governance Bellwether   (48KB)
With what the Wall Street Journal calls “the nation’s most shareholder-friendly corporate-governance law,” North Dakota may transform the face of corporate governance...
2008-12-05 Financial Week
SEC Opts for Minor Changes with Bond Raters   (70KB)
The Securities Exchange Commission tightened the rules for bond rating agencies, but some say the changes don’t go far enough...
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2008-11-29 Barron's
Big Change Likely for Rating Agencies   (50KB)
Barron’s reports the SEC may shake up the Big Three rating agencies (Moody's Investors Service, Standard & Poor's and Fitch Ratings)...
2008-11-21 Reuters
FAS 157: A Good Recipe that Needs Some Spice   (78KB)
Fair value accounting, mandated by FAS 157, has been criticized, but a recent SEC meeting suggests the rule should be kept...
2008-11-14 U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission  
Summary   (38KB)
The SEC released its long-awaited road map to IFRS conversion. Some large-caps will be able to begin using IFRS for their 2009 results, but the final decision on adoption is not scheduled until 2011.
2008-11-05 CFO.Com  
New Investor Questions   (57KB)
When delivering earnings guidance, CFOs and IROs are getting hit with new questions. With market uncertainty, these can be hard to answer.…
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2008-10-24 Wall Street Journal  
If These Investors Have Their Say, ESG Disclosure Will Grow   (49KB)
14 large institutional investors asked the SEC to require enhanced disclosure of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks.…
2008-10-20 Financial Week  
What Happened to IFRS?   (56KB)
Amidst financial upheaval, the move toward IFRS is not receiving much attention…
2008-10-12 Financial Week  
IR Teams Defend Against Internet Rumors   (41KB)
Large-caps are vulnerable to Web-related stock shocks as Apple, Morgan Stanley and UAL Corporation recently found. IR teams are devising strategies to counter rumors and avoid share price swings…
2008-10-07 NIRI  
NIRI Advocates Public Short-Sale Disclosure   (36KB)
NIRI backs public disclosure of short positions, as well as either reintroducing the short-sale uptick rule or implementing short-sale circuit breakers….
2008-10-01 European Sustainable Investment Forum (Eurosif)  
17.5% of Europe’s Fund Market Involves Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)   (43KB)
Of European assets under management, €2.7 trillion or 17.5% is now committed to broad SRI strategies, according to Eurosif’s most recent survey…
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2008-09-30 Bloomberg  
Fair-Value is Here to Stay, but SEC Offers Concessions   (34KB)
SEC offers clarifications on mark-to-market accounting, conceding that it may not be the most accurate measure in periods of…
2008-09-23 NIRI IR Advisor  
Tips for IROs in Volatile Markets   (39KB)
NIRI’s Senior Roundtable provides suggestions for IROs in dealing with investors and other stakeholders during periods of intense market volatility…
2008-09-09 Financial Week  
Institutional Investors Not So Upset with Executive Pay   (29KB)
A new survey of large U.S. institutional investors paints a different view on say-on-pay proposals. Flying in the face of recommendations by shareholder advisory firms, only a quarter indicated support for these proposals…
2008-09-04 BusinessWeek  
What’s Better about Global Accounting?   (31KB)
BusinessWeek agrees that adopting the relatively svelte IFRS accounting standards will reduce the reporting burden for some companies, but also points to a downside…
2008-09-01 CFO Magazine  
Fair Value Isn’t Easy. Is It Desirable?   (37KB)
CFO Magazine examines the implications and pitfalls of fair-value accounting as usage of historical cost accounting declines...
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2008-08-28 The New York Times  
Utility Agrees to Global Warming Disclosure   (33KB)
Xcel Energy agreed to provide detailed environmental disclosure in an agreement with New York’s Attorney General, Andrew M. Cuomo. The first of its kind, this agreement may lead to…
2008-08-11 Financial Week  
SEC Web Site Endorsement May Bring Only Small Ripples   (32KB)
The SEC guidance on the use of corporate Web sites is considered too vague and limited, according to some securities lawyers who say it is unlikely to bring about dramatic change…
2008-08-04 Financial News  
Integration Continues as Exchanges Go Global   (41KB)
The integration of the global capital markets is expanding apace as major exchanges move to expand their scope through acquisition, tie-ups and shared platforms….
2008-08-01 CFO Magazine  
Nonverbal Cues Send an Earnings Call Signal   (31KB)
The nonverbal cues of CEOs and CFOs during earnings calls communicate important information which could tip off analysts and investors….
2008-08-01 Financial Week  
Large Caps Increase Disclosure on Compensation Consultants   (32KB)
Perhaps to avoid unwanted shareholder lawsuits or regulatory action, some larger companies are offering up more information than required about their relationship with compensation consultants….
2008-08-01 BusinessFinanceMag  
Shareholder Class Action Filings Soar   (32KB)
A recent report projects a 42% increase in filings of shareholder class action suits over 2007, marking the highest level since 2002….
2008-08-01 CFO Magazine  
FASB Mulls Moving Beyond Mixed-Attribute Accounting   (30KB)
Amid calls for consistent application, consensus is growing that mixing historical cost, fair value and competing standards across the same business operation creates unnecessary confusion….
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2008-07-31 CFO Magazine  
Regulation FD Evened the Field…And More   (31KB)
A recent study finds that Regulation FD evened the field, but also drove up the cost of trading and caused companies to release less information….
2008-07-30 Financial Week  
Investors Signal Declining Confidence   (36KB)
Recent study shows declining confidence amongst U.S. individual investors in markets and audited financial statements, as well as support for enhanced disclosure and unified global accounting standards….
SEC Clarifies Web Site Disclosure   (32KB)
The SEC unanimously approved new guidance on the use of corporate Web sites, the first extensive guidance the SEC has issued since 2000….
2008-07-22 Financial Week  
Simplifying Revenue Recognition   (32KB)
FASB Chairman Herz says U.S. revenue-recognition rules should change and said FASB will work with IASB to create a new principles-based approach….
2008-07-22 The Wall Street Journal  
Directors Meeting Shareholders   (30KB)
The Wall Street Journal reports on a new trend in which independent directors are pursuing increased interaction with shareholders in the wake of growing activism….
2008-07-21 NIRI  
Senior NIRI Members Offer Their Views on Regulation FD's Impact   (33KB)
NIRI released findings from its 2008 interviews of 30 corporate leaders on the impact of Regulation Fair Disclosure since introduction in 2000….
The End of Sarbox?   (34KB)
A legal challenge questioning the constitutionality of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) could potentially invalidate Sarbanes-Oxley….
2008-07-18 The Wall Street Journal  
Shareholders Pay to Play   (29KB)
The Delaware Supreme Court invalidated a bylaw that would have required CA Inc. (formerly Computer Associates) to pay reasonable expenses to shareholders electing….
2008-07-08 NIRI  
Going Green Is Hard To Do   (35KB)
NIRI reports that a slight majority of companies surveyed have either an official or informal environmental responsibility protocol while 43% of firms have neither enacted nor plan to enact such measures 21 during the current year….
2008-07-2 Financial Week  
Risk Worries Audit Committees   (36KB)
Risk management has supplanted accounting as the top priority of audit committees, according to a joint study by KPMG and the National Association of Corporate Directors….
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Ratings Firms Get Failing Grades   (30KB)
Fortune reports on a study from Stanford University which assigns low grades to the reliability of the four major corporate governance ratings firms, calling their usefulness into question.
Fine Tuning Poison Pills   (33KB)
In the wake of TCI’s stealth attack on CSX Corp., NIRI reports on two companies that sharpened their poison pills by broadening the definition of beneficial interests to encompass total return swaps…
2008-06-24 CFO Magazine  
U.S. Execs Warm to IFRS   (30KB)
CFO.com reports the percentage of U.S. finance executives weighing the switch to IFRS?should the SEC provide the option?rose to 30%, from 20% six months prior…
SEC’s Aggressive Agenda   (36KB)
The Wall Street Journal reports SEC Chairman Cox is pushing an aggressive agenda for the remainder of his term, which may ultimately be characterized by a flurry of rule making...
Directors Warm to Shareholder Proposals   (29KB)
CFO.com reports on a recent study that shows boards are increasingly implementing shareholder proposals, with the percentage rising from 17% in 1997 to 40% in 20004, the duration of the study….
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Nonfinancial Metrics Rising   (32KB)
BusinessWeek reports more investors are clamoring for nonfinancial metrics and on how Asset4 is meeting their demands….
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